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Cultural worldbuilding is one of the greatest parts of building a fantasy world. Most writers seem to stick to the races that most other writers use. We use some of the same races that some other authors use. When we do this, we put our own spin on each of them. Our races may look or act different than similar races in other books. The trolls in our stories will most likely live in a completely different culture than trolls from a book that we didn’t write. We have created some of our own races. We have had a lot of fun doing this. When creating a new race, we do a lot of research about different cultures throughout our real world (Earth). We sometimes mix cultures to make a new one. We have also made races with cultures that we made up on our own. Whatever we are doing, when we create a race, we always have fun. The following are some links to sites that may help you create cultures for your fantasy world races:

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions: Peoples and Customs

By Patricia C. Wrede


World Building 101 – Creating Cultures


World Cultures-Links To Cultures Around The World


Creating New Races In Fantasy Fiction

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